the ultimate (but concise) GUIDE of egypt

Everything you need to know in a few lines.


I followed this track: Cairo > Alexandria > Scuba in Dahab (Red Sea) > Siwa Oasis (in the desert at the border with Libia) > Marsa Matruh (Maldives’ style water, in the Mediterranean) > Cairo > Baharya Oasis (Black an d White Desert) > Southern Sahara > Luxor > Aswan > Scuba in Marsa Alam > Cairo


Cheapest country I’ve been in my life. You can have dinner with 30 cents (one falafel wrap). Used couchsurfing all the time but hostels/hotels are amazingly cheap. You can move around with mini busses (they leave as soon as they fill up), busses and trains. I spent 700 euros for a month, living like a king (including 200 euros of Advanced scuba diving licence and other 180 of scuba dives).


Cairo, Alex, Dahab, Siwa, Luxor, Aswan, Marsa Alam are very safe. It was a bit hardcore to do by myself the desert route (from Baharya to Asyut, passing through Dakhla) but from Asyut direct train to Luxor and then it was everything ok. I had to use some Arabic cuz not everyone spoke English.


I told almost everyone I was gay and had no issues. There is a gayfriendly underground scene in the Greek clubs, bars and restaurants of Cairo, plus in the hotel bars and resorts (even though didn’t go). I used grindr only once (not advised/dangerous) but only because this guy was also on Couchsurfing, so spent the night with him.


Useless to say, entire palaces 3000 years old, hot waters springs in the desert, huge forests of palms, the Valley of Kings breathless.


if you are adventurous it’s fine doing it by yourself. I have to say that, if you felt unsafe in Morocco or Tunisia or Jordan, then Egypt is a bit more hardcore, but still, it’s amazing and it’s worth it. People hassle you much less than Morocco or Cuba. Egyptian people are super nice, but you either meet super liberal ones or very conservative ones.