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Morocco Unveiled is my first literary work and fits within the category of travel literature and travelogues, with a few peculiarities that make it a unique piece of work. Morocco Unveiled is at the same time a “backpacking” and alternative guide of Morocco and a cross section of its younger generations, enriched with dialogues structured almost like a series of interviews, touching different edgy topics like terrorism, homosexuality, women’s rights and Islam, merging the fast pacing of an adventure novel with the depth of a history, philosophy and religion essay, which, in these parts of the world, are intertwined like the threads of a Persian carpet.

Morocco Unveiled is most of all a collection of fragments of reality: a travel diary “unfiltered” where the experience of living Ramadan with locals is narrated through the poetics of oneiric descriptions and the realism of the travel literature genre.

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I’m Flavio, i’m 29 years-old, I’m Italian and European. After a bachelor in Economics and a master’s double-degree master in International Management, I quit my job as Consumer Insights Manager at P&G London to backpack around the world. At the same time I’ve been studying history, literature, philosophy and religion of Mediterranean civilisations. These two experiences merged in a series of book, Backpacking Diaries of a European Millennial, with the first chapter published on Amazon under the name of Morocco Unveiled.

morocco unveiled book cover with roman statue with exotic tattoos and lgbt flag


“Mohammed, the fact that many Muslims, like you, want to move to Europe, does this mean that the atheists and the Christians, who have never even read the Quran, have created a better society than Muslims who follow its teachings? Hesham, do you consider being gay and Muslim to be a contradiction? Marya, what do you think of Muslim girls who don't wear headscarves? Ahmed, what is the difference between neo-nazis and Isis extremists?”

Morocco Unveiled is the diary of a millennial who quit his well-paid corporate job to travel in the Middle East. You might imagine that this is a book full of answers; on discovering the coordinates of happiness, on finding your place in the world, on taking the right path. It does none of that. This book is first and foremost a book about questions. Not the kind of questions that give answers, but the ones that leave you doubting what you previously knew. Questions formed during a solitary journey into the depths of Morocco, from the Atlantic to the Sahara, passing through blue cities, emerald oases, pink deserts and golden kasbas, Ramadan and mint teas. The only end point of this book is a further starting point: opening a window to the other side (the Moroccan culture and the Muslim religion) means first of all to reopen a window to ourselves: Europe, Mediterranean, Aristoteles, Christ, Saint Augustine, Avorroes, Alexander the Great. And also Italo Calvino, who once wrote: “Elsewhere is a negative mirror. The traveler recognises the little that is his, discovering the much he has not had and will never have.”

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All around the Mediterranean and the Middle East; Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, India and all around Europe.

My first book is on Morocco, but other books will follow soon!

Check my blog for reports of each country.

blond guy with eyeglasses working with computer with Istanbul background and minarets

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